12 Mix Challenge

In 2018 I took a challenge to make a mix every month to help kick-start my DJing and mixing skills. The series (hopefully) shows my progression from rather basic blending to much more enjoyable mixing! I also think it shows my tastes in electronic music evolve from lots of house to much more variety with the influence of Bristol nights and music.


Ending on a fun high by doing a b2b2b with two of my buddies, we went straight for the guilty-pleasure hits reserved for houes party vibes.


I'd been conscious of not letting more of my songs play while DJing and mixing, so in this month I chose songs deliberately with plenty to say over their runtime. Starts more eclectic but by the end I couldn't resist some 'funner' tunes.


Really proud that I finally managed a mix with no straight house tunes on it - I played for variety and went with 'different' tracks for my intro and outros for a change too.


I remember getting into Hessle's artist roster in a big way this month with Ramadanman playing a lot in particular. This mix sort of does the inverse of the previous months, starting out very housey then getting a bit weirder.


I started out this mix with the intentions of avoiding house as much as possible, but fell back to it a little nearer the end. I'm still really proud of managing to decently mix late(!) Autechre into Skream, mind.


July was the month where the local scene in Bristol really started to rub off on me - I had started to really finish up my honeymoon period with the house music that got me into electronic in general, and started to listen to a lot of stuff from Livity/Timedance/Whities which I was tentatively trying to mix in. I found this really hard to do.


This is still my only (solo) mix over two hours - I got so lost in the groove that I had no idea how long it had turned out to be! It was a really nice surprise to open up and listen back to, with a lot more variety. I remember wanting to get heavier towards the end hence the Beyer, Egryptrixx, etc. but then got too tired and rounded it off with Caribou then passed out.


After a friend mentioned how short my last couple of mixes had been, I decided to make the next one my longest yet, and wound up mixing a bunch of tunes from artists who were new to me at the time, which was exciting.


This month was a lot of favourite tracks from my favourite artists at the time, and I thought that every song had really earnt its keep for the short running time.


I'm still really in love with lots of lo-fi house at this point, but began to get conscious I couldn't keep mixing the same artists from my intial collection of music, and begun to start digging semi-seriously.


Second month, second mix. I tried to have a little more variety by shoehorning in a DVS1 track towards the end while still sticking with lots of easy-on-the-ears songs i'd mostly put in my 'bangers' folder at the time.


I was absolutely terrified at the concept of daring to record myself DJing on this one. My mixing amounts to slowly swapping the faders and trying to avoid bass clashes with the EQs. The song selection reflects me bringing together my first bits of dance music for DJing - namely lots and lots of big-room and lo-fi house.